Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be as freshly fallen snow

Be as freshly fallen snow
Each fragile crystal moment tells the story of the whole universe
from a fresh and difference perspective
Be as snow melting into the earth
Every drop a precious moment not to be wasted
Breath the pristine air, drink the melt water, quench your thirst
Return to the earth
Return to that which is nameless
No mind, no thing


Live in the paradise of balance

Live in the paradise of balance
being nourished by the spacious moment
Always in the presence of what is of  ultimate concern
Always  listening to the deep continuous chant of pure potentiality
Letting your heart play exotic beautiful melodies
Let your being be a divine paintbrush

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


in one moment
in one breath

the ones joins to be many
the many embrace to be one

outside inhales to inside
inside exhales outside

individual embraces inside existence
individual partakes outside existence

the group embraces the inside existence
the group shares the outside existence

sequential flows to simultaneous
simultaneous flows to sequential
agency flows to communion
existence flows into non-existence

suchness itself flows yet never moves

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Not Two, Not One

Find the resting point between
voluntary and involuntary
Between feeling and emptiness
Between breath and emptiness

There is simultaneously only
Manifesting and only emptiness

Infinite nothing - no duality
Manifestation birthing emptiness
Emptiness birthing manifestation

Die to everything and everything reveals

Never dying the same way
Never discovering the same way
Always new, always old
Always needing breath
Always being breathed
Budha Nature

Travel and Explore

Travel and explore not according to anyone
Go where no map could take you

To connect the dots, connect your breath

Let your breath build the runway that launches
you into the unknown

Know what is in front of your face without there being a knower
and nothing shall be withheld.
All consciousness is embedded there

There is no place to hide when there is no hider
Only beautiful omnipresent echoes of truth
Music that cannot be heard, seen, touched

Emptiness if fullness, Fullness is emptiness

Take the flower with one hand and let go with the other
One acting, One taste, No duality, One hand clapping
before you were born

When everything is left behind, who is there
left to travel?

What You Already Know

Say hello
That you already know
That you already know
That you already know
That you already know
So let it go
What you already know
So let it go
What you already know

There are no surprises in what arises
Be in the glow of what you already know
Let it flow and let it go
And let it go
And let it go
There is nothing to know

A Stitch in Time

Surrender to what is real
That is where unknown wisdom lies
The breath sews the fabric of existence
A stitch in time
Makes me feel fine